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8 Ball

How to Keep Score
in 8-Ball

9 Ball

How to Keep Score
in 9-Ball

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  • Learn how to keep score (Video)
  • Learn about Defensive Shots (Video)
  • Blank Scoresheets and Applications


Welcome to the American Poolplayers Association! 
In order for us to enhance your enjoyment and the service of the League, we must enforce local bylaws, which are designed to allow a smooth operation of the League. These bylaws are a secondary source of information created in accordance with and in addition to the Official Team Manual.
The local Blue Ridge APA bylaws are revised once per year to supplement the national rules and guidelines as outlined in the Official Team Manual.  Local bylaws are approved by the national office.  Please CLICK HERE
for the Blue Ridge APA Local Bylaws for the 2015-2016 league year.