American Poolplayers Association

Blue Ridge APA Coupon Program Information

How would you like getting even more rewards for snapping that 9 or for all those run-outs you've been doing this semester?  Well now you can.  We are proud to introduce our patch swap program. Here's how it works:

Bring in all of your current APA Patches that you've earned and swap it for a card like this (below).  Each patch is one entry in to the drawing we will have once a year and the winner will get a FREE TRIP to Vegas during the NTC's!!!
Each night you earn a patch, you have the option to receive the patch (must be done on night the patch is earned) or to choose to have the card for you in your packet the next week.  Just fill it out and we'll take it from there!  Note: Even if you qualify that session for NTCs, you still have the trip to go the next time.