The 2018 Sportsmanship Cup Tournament

Winner will go to Las Vegas in August to play in Mini-Mania events at The Westgate Resort during

The World Pool Championship events. 
The APA MiniMania Tournaments

Blue Ridge APA is proud to honor one league member from each division with a Sportsmanship Award every session.  During the last two weeks of every session, members of the league vote for the person in their division believed to represent true sportsmanship: someone who is fun to play against, has a positive attitude (win or lose), always plays by the rules, and goes out of their way to make sure everyone has fun playing in the league. 
Please note that award winners from Masters divisions are not eligible for local tournament.
Sportsmanship Awardees earn a trophy, a patch, and an invitation to our annual Sportsmanship Cup Tournament, the winner of which receives a trip to Las Vegas to compete in national APA Mini-Mania events during the National Team Championship in the summer.  

2016-2017 Wayne Smith and Lauren LaMonte 
 2015-2016 Stirling Ambler
 2014-2015 Cody Terry   
2013-2014 Stirling Ambler
2012-2013 Jimmy Briggs
2011-2012 Lee Hines 
2010-2011 Andy Twitchen
2009-2010 Dan Buskirk
2008-2009 John Puccio / Emily Kirby
2007-2008 Dave Varnell 
8-Ball:  Emily Ellison, Amanda Mann, Steven Frey, Dennis Lewis, Jennifer Bobay, Stefanie Hamilton
9-Ball:  Justin Petralia, Deb Fussell, Jenny Burrell, Debra Parolini
Masters:  Jason Reaume 
League Year 2016-2017 Awardees:
8-Ball:  Emily Ellison, Hazel Beckner, Lauren LaMonte, Wayne Smith, Patti Busch, Connie Owen, Mike Robbins, David Craig, Goat Stafford, Maria Deb Bravo, Nikki McIntosh, Bruce Penland, April Cole, Hazel Beckner, Goat Stafford, Joe Daly, Mike Meade, Erren McIntosh, Anna Metcalf, Allison Fowler, Lauren LaMonte, Joy Stafford, Ed Helms, Anna Metcalf, Mark Rogers, Mike Meade, Karen Hamlin, Stevie Leuw, Goat Stafford, Roy Hill
9-Ball:  Mary MacPhee, BJ Lyda, Maria Pisano, Jennifer Bobay, Mary MacPhee, Rhonda Derden, Goat Stafford, Maria Pisano  
Masters:  Amanda Mann, Davy Gilliam, Robbie Deaton
League Year 2015-2016 Awardees:
Craig Lazarus, Ethan Campbell, Jen Branham, Josh Ward, Jess Bjugan, Amy Dill, Tyler Flint, Anna Metcalf, Josh Ward, Jim Wintle, Beth Laughter, Mary MacPhee, Jennifer Hill, Davy Gilliam, 
Dan Yano, Jimmy Riley, Robbie Deaton, Sarah Smith, Dave Baylis, Mary MacPhee
9-Ball:  Troy Creasman, Donald DuBrock, Josh Ward, June Myers, Helen Wadino, Alecks Wyatt, Chip Morris, Mary MacPhee, Rhonda Derden
Masters:  Cody Terry, Bill Holden,  Amanda Mann
League Year 2014-2015 Awardees:
8-Ball: Jessica Bjugan, Joy Stafford, Bill Holden, Jamie Neel, Leslie Deaton, Cheryl Trent, Mary MacPhee, 
Hal White, Jack Stewart, Anna Metcalf, Brian Neel, Margaret Wyatt, Jeff King, Cecilia Coker, 
Jet Wallace, Mike Kitterman, Mark Rogers, Russ Nicotri
9-Ball: Candice Holden, Mike Schlenker (in memory of Mike, Justin Petralia will play in the tournament), Cheryl Trent, Hal White, Sue Bjugan, Kelly Bagwell
Masters: Mitch Mechanic, Cody Terry, Bryan Warren
League Year 2013-2014 Awardees:
8-Ball: James Calloway, Brian Hunt, Bruce Penland, Mark Rogers, Rick McCrary, Traci Nale, Brenda Lynd, Monica Kennard, Jessica Bjugan, Matt Travis, Carl Shealy, Shane Bounds, Melissa Owenby, Jason Jones, Grey Taylor
Masters: Stirling Ambler, Ed Helms, John "The Professor" Sherlock
9-Ball: Dick Warren, Jennifer Hill, Brody Pressley, Virginia Pardo, Jennifer Hill, Ken Howell, Amy Dill, Chip Morris
Ladies: Jenny Burrell

League Year 2012-2013 Awardees:
8-Ball: Brian Hunt, Ryan Hollingsworth, Mary Holden, Cheryl Mouton, Jimmy Briggs, Kurt Gagnon, Jimmy Riley, Justin Petralia, Anisa Arrington, Clinton Creasman, Demos Yannikos, Kay Malchow, Dennis Malchow
9-Ball: Jamie Pleyo, John Catalano, Jenny Burrell, Deborah Tincher, Linda Helms, Mary MacPhee

Masters: Amanda Mann, Lee Hines, Daryl Walker
League Year 2011-2012 Awardees:
8-Ball: Myrna Twitchen, Bastien Gilot, Spencer Brown, Chris Poche, Ruby Wright, Scott Burrell, Faith Cole, Jimmy Briggs, Stirling Ambler, Brian Hunt, Melanie Trammel, Kim Bromm, Mike Thomas, Jeff Dyer, Missy Owenby, Demos Yannikos
9-Ball: Jamie Pleyo, Melanie Trammel, Buck Seebo, Mary MacPhee, Jesse White, Virginia Ward, Steve Davenport, Sam Kielson, Jeff Jones
Masters: Lee Hines, Andy Twitchen, Dan Gromelski
League Year 2010-2011 Awardees: 
8-Ball: David "Big T" Buckner, Bryan Warren, Sue Bjugan, Cody Noble, Tiffany Erwin, Dan Buskirk, Kristen Bingle, Rick McCrary, Carl Shealy, Nicole Drake, Mike Thomas, Melanie Trammel, Lee Fisher, Andy Twitchen, Mike Early, Cody Terry, Chris Poche, Barry Bryant
9-Ball: Gary Miller, Dennis Land, Patti Saunders, Donna Crisco, Ruby Wright, Michael Lance, Paul Gilbertson, Nancy Campbell, Greg Owens, John Catalano, Tammy Johnson
Masters: Ed Helms, Vic Medford, Dan Gromelski
League Year 2009-2010 Awardees:
8-Ball: Scott Burrell, Dick Warren, Ed Helms, Lorraine Mitchell, Mike Thomas, Jamie Pleyo, Harold Parr, Bryan Warren, Emily Kirby, Mary Lou Parr, Mark Tilson, Greta Barrett
9-Ball: Grayson Briggs, Greta Barrett, Sam Kielson, Jackie Suttle, Robbie Deaton, Tim Trantham, Jessica Bjugan, Chadwick Jones, Robbie Reece
Masters: Daryl Walkers, Dan Buskirk, Stirling Ambler
League Year 2008-2009 Awardees:
8-Ball: Jeff Dyer, Dennis Rice, Emily Kirby, Tim Lawrence, Adam Barbee, Travis Moore, Joe Daly, Ashley Brunhoff, Robbie Deaton
9-Ball: Chadwich Jones, Steve Davenport, Christina Haney, John Puccio, Roy HIll, Robbie Reece, Bret Hartzog, Andrew "Yeti" Ferguson
Masters: Ollie Peele, Andy Twitchen
League Year 2007-2008 Awardees:
8-Ball: Moe Rhodes, Donny Peterson, Ricky Rowland, Dan Buskirk, Josh "Bruno" Brunhoff, Laura Brown, David Gecewicz
9-Ball: Brian Singleton, Robbie Reece, Bill Beard, Dave Varnell, Alan Twitchen